Our mission at the Long Island School is to provide a nurturing, challenging environment, which will enable each child to become a life-long learner and contributing citizens.

Messages from our Superintendent regarding the COVID-19 Virus School Closing

Most Recent Message 3-20-20

March 20, 2020

Dear Long Island School Families,

I hope you are all surviving our “new normal” these past several days and are finding the lessons your teachers are providing engaging for your children and a helpful part of their day.

The Cumberland County Superintendent group, of which I am a part, meets every other day on line to discuss current health and school-related updates, challenges we are facing, and other actions we wish to jointly undertake.  Certainly the resources being shared are informing my work and our approach to a variety of topics.

This afternoon the Cumberland County group is announcing to our respective school families that we are listening to the Governor as well as the Maine and US CDC regarding continued social distancing.  To that end and at this time, we will be extending our school closures until April 27, or the Monday after the scheduled school vacation week.  My understanding is this adjusted return date will be the announcement from all Maine school districts. With Gov. Mills requiring group gatherings of 10 or less until mid-April, it’s only to be expected that schools will follow suit.  This is a “hoped for” opening date, which of course is predicated on the public health challenge of COVID-19 improving in our region. I will keep you fully informed in the weeks ahead should the situation change. The staff and I remain in close contact and will share news as it develops.

This closure is not a happy choice for any of us but it’s the only prudent path right now.  Please know we will continue to do our best to keep distance learning well supported, to assist with emotional health concerns, and to be available for any of your questions or ideas.  Using technology to connect teachers and their children is going to be a big part of our strategy. I’ve now participated in on line ZOOM conferences with Mrs. Norton’s read aloud and Mrs. Train’s sharing of her research voyage and it was amazing to see how well this worked and the engagement of the children.  Next week this on line strategy will be used for more robust instructional purposes, which will be continuously monitored for effectiveness. Mrs. Brown also intends to offer further support of art projects through ideas and supplies she will provide.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and for supporting your children’s learning, safety, and happiness through these challenging times.  I’m in awe of the amount of instructional support and resources our teachers are offering, the helpful option available to engage with our counselor as an optional service, and very muchs appreciate the partnership you are providing from home.  My sincere gratitude to all!

Sincerely, Barbara


Previous Message

Dear Long Island School Families,

As we enter this period of at home learning, Cumberland County Superintendents are widely distributing the attached article, which is a clear and helpful assessment of the purpose of social distancing.  It’s not going to be easy to follow, but it’s a worthwhile read in the midst of a wide array of recommendations.  The emphasis is that the thoughtful choices you make for your family will make a tremendous difference in your community.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read it!  We will miss your children terribly but want everyone to stay as healthy as possible until we can safely gather again.

Sincerely, Barbara

Social Distancing-This is Not a Snow Day!