Update From the Library 4-27
The Long Island Community Library remains closed until further notice. At this point it is unclear when we will be able to reopen. In the meantime a few updates:
1) LICL patrons can access the cloudLibrary for free on most reader devices . Basically (and depending on device) you need to Download the App and enter your LI Library card number. If you do not know your number or need assistance contact Annie (adonovan@myfairpoint.net).
2) The Long Island Community Library continues to receive the daily Portland Press Herald, Maine Sunday Telegram, and Sunday New York Times (thank you for delivery Lorinda)! We are reluctant to cancel our subscriptions because it is one service we can still offer and the access to a free press is especially important at this time. For lack of a better solution the papers are free for the taking on a first come, first served basis. When the weather warms up feel free to sit on the porch and read then replace in box. If you take home to read we do not want them returned ! Any papers left at the end of the day will be collected and recycled. It’s not the best solution but the best we can come up with for now!
3) If you have items checked out from the Library please Do NOT return to Drop Box. Hang on to them or pass on to a friend with the understanding they are Library books and need to be returned to the Library when we reopen!
Annie Donovan
Update From the Library 3-28
The Long Island Community Library will remain closed until further notice.
A few notes and reminders:
Library patrons can access a wide variety of ebooks and audiobooks on the cloudLibrary using your LICL card number (see From the Library below). If you don’t know your number contact Annie (adonovan@myfairpoint.net) and she’ll send it to you. Popular titles and newer releases often have a HOLD on them but patrons have noted it is usually not as long as they say.
If you currently have books or videos checked out of the Library please hold on to them rather than putting in Book Drop Box. There is no one there to regularly check and it fills up fast! 
The daily Portland Press Herald and Sunday Maine Telegram are currently still being delivered and are free for the taking to anyone who would like them. First come first served. We do not want them returned! The Sunday New York Times is also up for grabs but because it is popular with several islanders we ask it be put back together and returned to the box after reading. Any of you NYTs Sunday readers have a better idea on how to share it please feel free!
Annie Donovan
From the Library
About the only good thing to come of this Corona virus is that most of us are getting plenty of time to read. Alas, most libraries and bookshops are closed! The Long Island Community Library wishes to remind all our patrons that they have free access to the many ebooks and Audiobooks available on the cloudLibrary using their ANDROID, IPHONE, IPAD and most KINDLE DEVICES. Attached are the directions to get set up with a couple side notes to remember:
1. cloudLibrary is NOT compatible with e-ink ereaders such as Kindle Paperwhite and some others. See note on attachment.
2. You will be prompted to click on your country, state, city, and local public library. Click LONG ISLAND COMMUNITY LIBRARY (NOT Portland Public Library or PPL)
3. You must have your LICL library card number. If you don’t know it send me a request by email (adonovan@myfairpoint.net) or send me a FB message. I was able to print out a list containing everyone’s numbers and have it easily accessible here at home!
There are also copies of the directions pinned to the bulletin board outside the library! We hope this is useful! Reading can be a great source of distraction, amusement, entertainment, and most of all comfort in trying times.
Annie Donovan
Links to CloudLibrary instructions for various devices.


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